Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association

Good practices on the allotment

An allotment is by its very nature a calming and gentle place - and long may that continue. But we should all recognise that there are risks on the allotments that we need to be aware of; did you know that you could be held liable for an accident on your plot, even where the person that had the accident was trespassing?

The good news is that there is little that we cannot deal with using good old- fashioned common sense. So what should we look out for?

Glass is probably the most dangerous thing we use around our plots, so make sure it is used safely or stacked out of harm’s way. Wire is another potential source of danger where there is a risk that someone might walk into it or get caught up in it. Old chemicals and petrol in sheds should always be disposed of in accordance with guidelines rather than simply put on non-green waste.

So please take a look round your allotment periodically, think of what problems could arise and sort them out before something unpleasant happens.