Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association

Important reminders

West Side Plot 92 - IMPORTANT

Plot 92, which has been prone to serious flooding in the past, is presently being turned into a wildlife area.  A perimeter ditch has been dug and the current intention is to plant willow slips in due course to help take up excess water.

Work is still ongoing and due to potential water and slipping hazards, plotholders are asked NOT to enter the site, which has been cordoned off with warning signs.

Security reminder

In the interest of security for ourselves, our property and our produce we would ask all plotholders to co-operate by keeping the gates on both the east and west side closed AT ALL TIMES and by locking them if you believe that you are the last person leaving.  The height barriers should always be locked when not in use to bring in or exit a vehicle, as the site is attractive to fly tippers and similar.  Please remember always to bring your gate key whenever you visit your plot.