Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association

Plot holder responsibilities

Welcome to the Martin Way Allotments.

The Association that looks after Martin Way Allotments is called Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association (MAGA) Ltd and you automatically become a member when you take on your plot.

Membership brings you an opportunity to meet fellow plot-holders at our social events (Plant Sale, Produce Show, Pumpkinfest) and to buy essentials from our trading hut (Ken’s Shop).

We’re a friendly bunch and always ready with advice and tips – why not pop along to Ken’s Shop (see shop page for details), enjoy a free cuppa and get to meet us.

We would like to draw your attention to a few key points about renting an allotment

1. Each plot is approximately 5 rods (which is approx 10 yards x 15 yards).  You will need to spend time getting the plot into order and then keeping it that way - weeds will return quicker than your fruit and vegetables will grow. You need to cultivate at least 75% of your plot.

2. You are expected to maintain your plot and also the paths on its boundaries to a standard that allows access to your and others’ plots. Please remember the plots behind yours need to use the path across your plot and it must be kept clear.

3. You must not park your car on your plot. There are sufficient car parks in the allotments and your allotment is for cultivation.

4. You are encouraged to set up compost bins on your site to recycle the green waste from your plot – it’s good for the soil and good for the environment too.

5. In general, you should use your plot for growing fruit and vegetables, though as you look around the allotment site, you will see how other plot holders have added their own personality to their plot.

6. You can put up a greenhouse and a shed, but you must get permission from MAGA first.

7. Organic gardening is best for you and best for our site, but you may use chemicals. Please follow the instructions carefully and ensure they are not carried by wind or rain onto someone else’s plot.

If you have access to a computer, there is a wealth of information about keeping an allotment.  Some useful sites are: National Society of Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Our website Royal Horticultural Society 

You should have also received a welcome pack of useful information to get you going, but most importantly of all, don’t be afraid to ask for help!