Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association

New Plotholders

What next?

You’ve got a plot!

Congratulations on receiving your new allotment at Martin Way and welcome to our Association!

So what happens next?

You will be issued with a key which unlocks both gates (east and west sides).  Payment (£5 deposit, refundable on termination of tenancy) is required for the key so please try not to lose it!  MAGA can also sell you a key to our Tenant’s toilet on the West Side (by Ken’s Shop) for £5 (non-refundable) and/or a key to the padlock on the height barriers for £20 deposit for long term use and £50 deposit for a short loan period. Contact the committee for a height barrier key.


You will also receive an invoice in the post for the annual rent payable on your plot.  If you are eligible for any concessions, you will need to sign a statement to confirm that you are eligible and provide supporting documentation.

Concessions are available for those who are registered disabled, aged 60 or over and working less than 16 hours paid work per week, in receipt of Supplementary Benefits or Jobseekers Allowance.  

For tenants applying for concessionary rent in receipt of Supplementary Benefits or Job Seekers Allowance, a new statement is required to be signed every year, if the applicant continues to be eligible.

Tenancy agreement 

After receipt of your payment you will be issued with two copies of the Tenancy Agreement.  Both copies should be signed and returned to MAGA.  Either return to Ken’s Shop (post-box on the door, if shop closed) or by post to:

Tenancy Admin, Allotment Hut West, Martin Way, London, SW20 9BS

Once we receive both copies of the signed Tenancy Agreement these will be forwarded to LBM (London Borough of Merton) for counter-signing and one signed copy will be returned to you.

The Tenancy Agreement is between you and LBM, with MAGA as managing agents, and sets out the terms that you agree to let the plot under.  Please read them carefully.  It describes how you should cultivate your plot, what you must not do and what your responsibilities are.  Failure to comply with the terms could result in your plot being taken back by MAGA and LBM.

If you wish to accept the terms, please sign and return the forms as directed.

MAGA guidelines

Please familiarise yourself with the MAGA guidelines which have been drawn to ensure the smooth running of the site for the benefit of all. 

WELCOME and we look forward to seeing you at a social event soon!