Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association


Can I have a Shed/Greenhouse on my plot?

Yes, but with reservations.  Permission is normally granted for Sheds up to 6ft x 4ft and Greenhouses up to 6ft x 8ft.  But you still have to ask.  Sheds and Greenhouse larger than this will require additional reasons why you should be granted permission to place such items (i.e. having a larger plot, growing specialist plants).  Applications should be made to the Committee.

Do I need a number on my plot? I know which number I am!

You may know, but it's hard for others to figure out which plot is which without a number.  It is a requirement of your tenancy that you have one.

Can I have a Bonfire?

Only in certain circumstances. Bonfires are permitted for the burning of un-treated or un-painted woody waste only. The burning of any other materials such as plastics, tyres, carpet, MDF, laminated wood is strictly prohibited and may lead to termination of tenancy and referral for prosecution.  You should not light a bonfire where smoke will be carried to the neighbouring houses.  You must never leave a fire unattended.

Can I park on the allotments?

Adequate car parking areas are provided around the site. You may not park directly on your actual plot.

I have received a Tidy-Up Notice/Notice of Non-Cultivation/Notice to Quit, what should I do about it?

Plot inspections are carried out twice a year - read more about plot inspections here.  Where the plot inspectors conclude that your plot requires attention, you will receive one of three notices:

- A Tidy-Up notice means that Plot Inspectors have noted that your plot is looking a little shabby and would benefit from having a bit of a clear up.  For example rubbish left on the plot or excessive amounts of weeds.

- A Notice of Non-Cultivation (NNC) means that the Inspectors have noticed that nothing of significance has been grown on the plot for a while. You really should get something growing soonest and you should be cultivating about 75% of your plot.  If there are reasons why you cannot grow anything at the moment then you really need to talk to us.

- A Notice To Quit (NTQ) is issued after all other attempts to get you to work your plot has failed.

If you have any specific issues about these notices then you need to talk to the Committee as soon as possible.

Who are these Inspectors?

You are! Plot Inspectors are made up of part Committee and part MAGA members. If you wish to volunteer to become an Inspector then please contact the Committee.

I am having problems with my plot, what should I do?

Talk to us. The Committee is here to help. If we are not informed of any problems we cannot help getting them resolved.

For all other questions regarding issues on the plots, please see the MAGA Allotment Guidelines.