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Land is highly desirable but in short supply; an allotment is a chance to get your hands on a bit of it, for a time. It may take a few months and not every prospective allotment looks highly desirable on first sight - in fact few do - but underneath the brambles, rusting wheelbarrow and rotting planks there is something worth waiting for, your own patch of soil, home to a myriad of other organisms with whom you will have to share. So, read up on composting and crop rotations and in the end it will happen. You will be the holder of a Martin Way Allotment.

A typical plot is approximately 5 rods (which is approx 10 yards x 15 yards or 30 feet by 45 feet). 

Sometimes plots are overgrown so some hard work will be needed to clear them.

Overgrown plot

 If you wish to apply for a plot and are resident in the London Borough of Merton, please select the 'Apply for a plot'  link below:- 

Apply for a plot

Please note - plot applications have been suspended until further notice

Please note - plot viewings have been suspended due to Coronavirus until further notice

The current waiting list is shown below as of 08/04/20 which was before the committee decided to close the waiting list until further notice. We have plots becoming available during the year and we hold regular plot viewings. We let 32 plots in 2017, 20 in 2018 and 25 in 2019.

It is unlikely that we will be able to hold any plot viewings until the autumn at the earliest because of the Covid 19 restrictions but please keep checking this page for the latest news.We currently have 10 vacant plots that need to be assessed before letting. It is unlikely that those around numbers 14-16 on the waiting list will get offered a plot viewing until 2021. Obviously others further down will wait even longer for a plot viewing, although this depends on the restrictions being lifted and other plots being given up. We will contact you by email when you are being invited to a plot viewing.

Please note that new applicants are likely to wait about 2 to 3 years before being offered a plot viewing as we now have so many applicants. 

We will give you two chances of viewing plots, if you view and turn down those being offered to you then will be removed from the waiting list. If you are offered 3 viewings and either do not attend or decide on the last viewing that there isn't a suitable plot then we will remove you from the waiting list. If you do not respond to our emails you will also be removed from the waiting list! It makes much more work for the volunteers on the committee trying to organise plot viewings if this happens. If you have been removed from the waiting list you are always welcome to re-apply in the future when you have more time. 

Applications are dealt with in order of the date applied. If you have moved down the waiting list this is simply because someone else applied before you which hadn't been picked up before you were informed of your position on the waiting list.

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