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Welcome to the Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association (MAGA) website

The Martin Way allotments are located in Raynes Park on two sites either side of Martin Way, close to the Bushey Road junction - see location map.  We are one of 18 allotment sites in the London Borough of Merton and one of only 5 that are self-managed (although MAGA are waiting to sign the formal agreement with LBM).  We have over 250 plots spread across our two sites, the east side and the west side, covering an area of over 4.5 hectares (11 acres).

Coronavirus and other matters - Important Update

The shop will be closed for the foreseeable future.
We have supplies of seed potatoes and onion sets. If you wish to purchase any of this seasonal produce please email the committee to arrange a day/time, or phone Margaret on 07963 310374 or the committee phone on 07752 290921. You must place your order in advance and we will have it ready for collection.
Bring the correct cash or pay by cheque (plot number on the back of the cheque please). We need to minimise the handling of money and will not have access to change.
Seed Potatoes - £1.50/kg      
Arran Pilot – 1st early
                        King Edward – Main crop
Desiree – Main crop
Maris Piper – Main crop
Charlotte - Salad
Red and White Shallots – 100grams for £1
Working Party 
The working party on the 4th April for putting up the marquee is cancelled as we would be working too close together. We will get back in touch when the situation changes.

Loan Equipment
The loan equipment is suspended as we are unable to guarantee sanitising it properly and the shop is closed.

The planned AGM on Sunday 19th April is postponed until further notice.

Plant Sale
The plant sale on the 9th May looks doubtful, but we will let you know. Please plant seeds and grow on in case we can run on an alternative basis.
Work on the roads is now finished.

East side
If you are on the east side please do not attempt to drive your vehicle around the roads beyond the car park as a car got badly stuck recently. The grass road is too soft in parts.

West side
Please do not drive down to the summer car park as the car park is very soft at the moment with all the rain and you will get stuck! Please do not block this road or its entrance with your car as plot holders still need access on foot or with a wheelbarrow.

If you use the toilet please remember the Government guidelines on washing your hands. If there are any problems please let us know straight away by email or via our new phone.
I hope we are still going to be allowed to carry on gardening. It’s something we can all look forward to. Looking forward to seeing you on the allotments but please remember to keep 2m apart.

Coronavirus - NSALG advice - LATEST UPDATE 01/04/20

Always check for latest information!

Covid 19 Emergency Measures

UPDATED 01/04/2020 - Driving to the Plot

The government is presently advising the population to stay at home and practice social distancing, whilst being allowed to take one form of exercise a day. If working your allotment is to carry on being seen as legitimate exercise then it is imperative that plot-holders follow all the guidelines, allotment sites are as risky as anywhere else.

Although it is perfectly OK and within government guidelines to visit the plot as a household.We think that now is the time to consider working your plot in isolation i.e. not with household members and if you can stay away for a few weeks to do so. 

It is vitally important that you follow all the advice about social distancing and hygiene in the points below and not gather together on site.

Driving to the plot, we are aware that in recent days there has been conflicting statements from police forces about driving to your plot. A briefing has now been issued from the College of Policing and the National Police Chief’s Council that advises forces to :-

Use your judgement and common sense; for example, people will want to exercise locally and may need to travel to do so, we don’t want the public sanctioned for travelling a reasonable distance to exercise. ………………….. We should reserve enforcement only for individuals who have not responded to Engage, Explain, and Encourage, where public health is at risk.

If you need to drive a reasonable distance to get to your plot then this guidance would suggest that it is permissible to do so. However, please walk to the plot if at all possible

Any plot-holder who is self isolating because a household member is ill with corona-virus should not be visiting the site.

Members should take the following precautionary measures :

  • Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and wash your hands regularly
  • Use hand sanitiser before opening and after closing any gate locks
  • Wash hands when you get home
  • DO NOT gather together for a chat even if you are 2 metres apart CLICK HERE for guidance
  • Observe “Social Distancing” with each other 2-3 metres
  • If you take your children to the plot, ensure that they stay within its confines and do not run around on communal paths and spaces.
  • Do not share tools
  • Minimise the contact with each other for example no handshakes
  • Do not wash your hands in water troughs
  • We recommend that all communal facilities are closed
  • Click here for guidance if you do need to clean an area that has been visited by an infected person.

Shops - those Associations who operate shops should close or put an on-line scheme in place. Where goods are ordered by email, payment is electronic and goods are placed out for collection. CLICK HERE for an example

Bonfires - Could those Associations who allow bonfires all year round ask people to consider their neighbours and not burn anything during this covid19 emergency. Many sites are surrounded by houses where vulnerable people may be getting their only bit of fresh air through an open window.

  • If you have livestock on the site and must visit  twice a day, take a photograph on your phone of your livestock, based on what is happening in other countries you may  eventually have to print off a government form to leave the house but if challenged it would be good to be able to show a photograph of where you are going.
  • Plan ahead to ensure that you have food and medication delivered to you during this time
  • Stay away from vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions as much as possible
  • If you display any symptoms of coronavirus stay at home and self-isolate for at least 14 days or until symptoms have passed.

Associations should display an advice notice on their boards. It is important that anyone attending the allotment takes care to stay the appropriate distance from others, avoid body contact and wash hands at taps, do not wash hands or use detergents in the water tanks and please pay attention to notice boards.

It is essential that no un-authorised people are allowed onto the plots for the duration of this emergency, if you do wish to bring someone to assist with work on the plot, please ensure that that this is notified either to Secretary or Site Manager.  Careful consideration should be given to introducing anyone over 70, those with underlying illness or pregnant women.

I know many Associations have taken decisions to cancel plot inspections, seed swaps, association trips and annual judging; scheduled Committee meetings and AGM’s should also be postponed.  It is important that any plot-holders over 70 years and those with underlying health issues follow the guidance and information issued by the government.

It would be a good idea for Associations to give out a telephone or email address for anyone with problems to allow contact. Perhaps a Buddy System that provided weeding and watering assistance on the plots  of gardeners who cannot get to the plot due to long term self isolation could be set up.

All group NAS meetings were cancelled following the Government update on 16 March 2020 and will be reviewed on the 30th June 2020. This is a worldwide unprecedented and challenging time for so many people and of course the health and safety of our members, volunteers, and staff remains our number one priority.

We are living through a crisis, the likes of which none of us has experienced before, not since war time has the community spirit that exists on allotment sites been more important.  We must all consider vulnerable families, friends and fellow plot-holders and give assistance where needed.Please remember to look out for one another during these very difficult times.

Government advice about the Coronavirus is updated on a regular basis at this link.

For NHS information and advice CLICK HERE

Recent news

Working parties - many thanks to the volunteers who braved the sunshine and searing heat to clear brambles on the East Side on 12 October and take down the marquee on 9 November! 

Pumpkinfest 2019 - a very successful end of year social; more details here

September 2019 newsletter - the latest newsletter is out and can be found here 

Produce show 15 September - we had a strong turnout, with some cracking entries here

About MAGA

We are a very active de facto self-managed site with a relatively short waiting list; currently we have around 95% of our plots let. We have a shop which is open at weekends during the growing season from February to October (Sundays only during July and August), along with an adjacent accessible toilet.

We have regular events, including a plant sale in spring, a produce show at the end of summer and a pumpkinfest at the end of October. We expect plot holders to assist with site working parties during the year as any members of a small community would do to help each other.

If you would like to come and see us, please come to one of our social events and introduce yourself, come into the shop during opening hours or email us using 'get in touch'.  If you would like to take up a plot and you are resident in Merton please read the Apply for a Plot page, taking note of the commitment in having an allotment!

One of our plot holders has been writing a blog about his plot since 2012 - read here