Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association

Our ethos

The working party ethos

As a self-managed community, it makes good sense for us to carry out general maintenance and tidy up works around the site ourselves.  All plot holders are strongly encouraged to get involved to the best of their abilities.  

We aim to get a group together on four Saturdays each year (in 2018 May, June, August and October) to deal with general site upkeep matters.  Typically we aim to put in a two hour stint, rewarded by Sue's tea, coffee and brownies; those with a little energy left (not all of us!) return to the fray for a little longer. 

The composition of the group changes from party to party - even if each of us can only participate once a year, that's enough to make a big difference.  Many hands make light work!

Additionally volunteers are needed for specific tasks, such as erecting the marquee at the start of the season and putting it away at the end.  

Dates for 2019

The Working Party dates for 2019 are as follows:

Saturdays: 6th April • 15th June • 17th August  • 12th October


A number of necessary tasks have been successfully dealt with in 2018.  Those of us who have participated this year have really appreciated the opportunity to meet and chat to fellow-plotholders, whilst doing something worthwhile for the site as a whole.

Please contact Sue on if you're not already on the list and play your part in keeping our site up to scratch! 

It's not all tea, coffee and brownies!