Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association

Weekend Bread Club

Weekend Bread Club – progressive baking with a purpose!

The Weekend Bread Club is now in its fifth month – plot holder Members have been coming together to bake since December 2015.Our sourdough

They say that sessions are easy going, fun and useful - and add that the Weekend Bread Club gets them baking with other people.  They feel it gives them the encouragement to experiment, share tips and tricks and improve their bakes.

The programme for the spring through to winter covers UK and international traditions as well as technologies and baking paraphernalia.  The emphasis is on working together in a friendly, relaxed and supportive way using organic ingredients – and baking with a purpose. We cover healthy  and savoury through to sweet teatime baking and incorporate seasonal and festive themes as we work our way through the year.

We’re planning on making traditional farmhouse loaves, pizza and Turkish pide, yeast empanadas and calzones as well as examining gluten free baking. We'll be looking at using a variety of flours including rye, spelt and barley as well as dough forming techniques including bannetons. And of course we’ll be making baguettes. In the late autumn we’ll be taking on North American baking, Moroccan, Indian and Pakistani bread. In December we’ll be turning our hands to Christmas  and new year specialities.

 Cheese scones and soda breadWe currently have nine members whose bread making experience ranges from limited through to intermediate. There is no charge for membership and there are no fees associated with the sessions. Our monthly meets, which last for a few hours starting late on Saturday mornings, are hosted by Members who have room in their kitchens. Weekend Bread Club membership is restricted to MAGA plot holders.

Each session includes a ‘show and tell’ element where Members can, if they want to, bring test Challah fresh out of the ovenbakes for discussion as well as demonstrations and practical hands on work and testing.  Our informal discussions are lively, thought provoking  and wide ranging - from the merits of various flours to hot topics of the moment such as industrial breadmaking processes and flour additives, from good bakeries we have come across to using woodfired and outdoor ovens.  Each time we meet we actively look to improve the quality of our bakes and expand our repertoires, expertise and skills. Although we have an outline plan to follow, this is not set in stone and we’re open to new ideas and suggestions as we move forward.

To date we've been busy making: scones, soda bread, bread rolls, challah, hot cross buns, fougasse, Chinese steamed buns, Japanese buns as well as sourdough.

If you have breadmaking experience and might be interested in joining this lively and friendly Weekend Bread Club we have room for two new members if you are a Martin Way allotment plot holder. Email Mike Gleeson using the link and he will get right back to you with further information.