Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association

Seasoned Gardener Scheme

We have a new idea: the ‘Seasoned Gardener’ scheme.

Are you an allotmenteer with many years gardening experience? Would you be interested in sharing your knowledge with less experienced gardeners?

We have noticed that new gardeners, who have not had an allotment before, often give up quite early on. Sometimes they are put off by plants not growing well, or by it being more work than they had thought.

To help new people try out allotmenting and learn as they are going along, we would like to start a scheme where ‘Seasoned Gardeners’ can sign up to mentor a new allotmenteer.

The new person will not have their own plot to begin with, but will help the Seasoned Gardener with their plot, in exchange for some of the produce. It means they can learn as they go along, and get a sense of whether they could really manage their own allotment.

For the Seasoned Gardener: you get to share your experience and gain an extra pair of hands!

If you are interested please contact the Committee, by either dropping in at the shop leaving your name, plot number and contact details or by contacting the Committee here - ‘Seasoned Gardener’