Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association


Regular committee meetings are held and the minutes are displayed on the east and west side notice boards. Printed copies are also available in the shop to view along with a small number of copies placed in the display box outside the shop, all on a regular basis.

MAGA Committee Members 2017 - 2018


Jadzia Bruton (Plot 50)

Vice Chair

Margaret Rixon (Plot 86)


Peter Flintoff (Plot 109)


Andy Preece (Plot 5)

Committee members

Ruth Britten (Plot 105)

Simon Bruton (Plot 51)

Jane Nicanovich (Plot 87)

Shop Manager

Margaret Rixon 

Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association Ltd have registered with the newly formed Prudential Regulation Authority [PRA] – formerly the Financial Services Authority, as an Industrial & Provident Association.